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Human Capital Management

Persol Pay®

Payroll processing and management at enterprise level need not be tedious,
laborious, or stressful for your Information Systems managers or payroll staff.

Persol Pay® Enterprise Edition combines an innovative approach to payroll
processing with a full-featured system designed to ensure that you are always in control, on time and running payrolls with maximum efficiency.

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Persol HR Controller®

Persol HR Controller is the solution to managing your organisations’ most important asset – employees. From applicant tracking and selection through to training, career planning, appraisals, salary review and benefits tracking, HR Controller offers your managers an easy, simple and flexible software solution to facilitate efficient human resource management.

With a commitment to improving work force management through automation, Persol together with Persol HR Controller provide a sure path to success in human resource management and the assurance that your company’s future needs fueled by growth can be met.

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Persol HR Recruiter®

Persol HR Recruiter® is designed to provide a transparent end-to-end view of the entire applicant hiring process; from applicant information capture, requisitioning for positions and processing of applicants based on requisition
criteria through to selection, interview results and final selection.

HR Recruiter® provides an easier way to manage the entire hiring process whilst providing the required transparency that ensures that both the company and applicants are treated fairly and expeditiously.

Persol HR Recruiter® serves as a subsidiary module to Persol HR Controller® by providing it with details of successful applicants awaiting confirmation and issuance of company identification numbers.

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Persol HR Training Manager®

Persol HR Training Manager® is more than a employee training management solution, it is designed to automate the operations of large HR Training departments that manage the scheduling of employee training courses, programs and as well as scheduling classes for staff and tracking progress and effectiveness of courses.
Integrated with HR Controller, Persol HR Training Manager automates employee training schedules based on skills gap analysis performed in HR Controller. This application combines ease-of-use with application functionality.

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Fund Management System®

Persol Fund Management System® is an application for managing mutual fund of unlimited number of clients. It brings unparalleled power and flexibility to your fund management. Persol Fund Management System® will create an easy-to-use world-class fund management system, which will eliminate the duplications, errors and above all fund management processing time for your company.

This stand-alone software is fully parameterised, giving you the flexibility in defining applicants/accounts details, agents, debit purchase order, calculating dividends, sales commissions, transactions as well as extensive reporting capabilities.

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Persol TimeTrakker®

Persol TimeTrakker® is the first locally developed Time and Attendance software in Ghana designed to automate employee time recording and facilitate easier and quicker salary processing by eliminating time-consuming data entry effort. Available for use with fingerprint (biometrics) and cards (magnetic stripe, barcode and proximity), TimeTrakker® provides accurate and fast authentication of employees because of the superior underlying technology of the devices it works with. With TimeTrakker®, Persol has further complimented her People Management suite with a solution that integrates to Perosl Pay® and HR Controller®. Whether it’s the Standard, Professional or Enterprise Edition you are certain to find the right solution for your organization.

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