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Personax Lite is a cloud human capital management solution comprising payroll and HR applications that is a convenient, efficient, and secure solution which presents growing businesses with industry best practices in workforce information management and mobile real-time access for managers and business owners to make timely decisions.

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Personax Payroll Lite®

Persol Pay Lite is a secure SOX-compliant cloud solution that presents an efficient payroll process with the flexibility and ease to define multiple benefits and deductions. It comes pre-configured with all statutory requirements and reports offering transparency, control and confidentiality whiles minimizing complex, error-prone manual processes. With a minimal initial cost of ownership, businesses can afford real-time payroll data processing from anywhere in the world.

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Personax HR Lite®

Persol HR Lite is a secure centralized cloud solution used to manage a company’s most valuable asset, “Employees”. It offers SMEs excellent agility and adaptability in accomplishing everyday HR business needs. With a friendly user interface and the low initial cost of ownership, HR activities have become real-time for prompt decision-making from anywhere in the world.


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